The restaurant menu is a reflection of its style and concept, that’s why it should be designed carefully and vigorously. Serving the best dishes and meals is not enough your menu plays a big role in your guests’ dining experience.

Therefore if you want to have an eye-catching menu, here are some menu design tips to impress your customers.

Strike a balance between too little and too much

Your restaurant’s menu isn’t just a list of the food and drinks you offer; it’s a marketing tool that plays a big role in your guests’ dining experience.

Avoid listing your dishes all in one stack, spread your menu items fairly, make it well organized, and easy to read to help your customers to make a quick decision on what they‘ll order

Attractive Graphic

Entice your customers with an eye-catching personalized graphic design, to present your food in a flavorsome and funny way.

Carefully choose harmonized bright colors that fit with your interior style and remember that your menu should always reflect your brand.

Your restaurant name and logo should be displayed prominently and proudly on your menu. That is to say, if you have a menu application, make sure your menu is mobile-friendly.

choose the right image for your product

help them know better your products with a professional picture and a brief description of its ingredients, don’t overdo it keep it simple and concise.

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