VanDutch Marine is a world leading Dutch yacht manufacturing company that provides different services and products including selling and renting boats and engines.
VanDucth Marine wanted us to create a user-friendly elegant application that simplifies their business, promotes their products and services, and helps their existing customers browse novelties as well as brings in new ones.

Overall Approach

Research: Having studied our client’s project and requirements, we focused on transferring the website’s functionality into a mobile platform. To do so, we gathered information about the brand, the website, and analyzed features from similar competitor apps. This gave us some  practical insights and valuable ideas that we partially used in our project.


Creating Wireframes: First of all, we set up wireframes (from simple drawings to highly-defined graphics) that helped us identify the best patterns for navigation and the most valuable features. After that, we used already existing functionalities to develop additional features.


App Specificity: VanDautch was aiming to be a content-oriented app, so we opted for a simple, user-friendly experience which is perfect for screens with a lot of detailed information and where there are a lot of detailed information like boat or engine specifications.


UI and UX Design: Following this, the UX stage began with creating the basic information architecture. The “embrace simplicity” idea was welcomed by our client, so we opted for a simple, stylish and refined design concept in the image of the brand’s boat models themselves.


To embrace this streamlined mood of the app’s general visual style, we harmonized a color palette which includes black and white colors with shade effects. We also chose readable and visually appealing fonts.


Navigation: Accordingly, we didn’t want to make the app’s navigation too complex. Therefore, to make browsing easier on Android, we decided to use a simple menu with main sections and subsections that lead to different tabs according to the information that the user is looking for, whether it’s the company’s presentation, boat models, news, contact, etc.


Video Streaming Integration: VanDutch also has a feature that lets users watch informative and descriptive videos. To implement this feature, we had to add online streaming capabilities. This process consists of retrieving a video file from the server and providing online playback for the user while the rest of the file is still being downloaded from the server. This solution turned out to be cost-efficient and time-efficient.


Our client wanted a fresh and appealing UI design so the VanDutch app could retain its target audience and attract new ones. So, our skillful team engineered a really convenient app that allows for quick and easy navigation with an elegant style and smooth UX.