Are you struggling to reach your customer’s satisfaction and avoid day to day problems, overworked waiters, orders mistakes, and slow-paced service or inefficiency? Do you want to serve more Orders and grow your revenue?

The trend of the Digital menu is flooding the food & drink sector redefining the culinary industry. The breathtaking renovation is driving entrepreneurs to join the digitalization movement in order to grow their business and build a loyal following.

If you have yet to digitize your restaurant, you’re missing out a lot, so stick around to see why you should consider having a mobile app for your restaurant or café.

digital menu application

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a restaurant menu is a very prominent and delicate step when launching a restaurant. It is a reflection of the style and concept, that’s why it should be designed carefully. the process usually takes some time and can cost a fortune to have the expected results with good quality.  Menu expenses become a liability rather than an investment, on average restaurant prints menu 3 times in a year which leads to high printing costs.

But What if it gets stripped or torn up? or maybe you want to add some items into your menu or update the price and dishes name? unfortunately, you have to create a new one from the beginning, that would be very irritating and costing-an-arm-and-leg.

“ …Your restaurant’s menu isn’t just a list of the food and drinks you offer; it’s a marketing tool that plays a big role in your guests’ dining experience.”

Serving the best dishes is never enough to fulfill customer satisfaction, people now are looking to have a personalized dining evening. With traditional menus,  you can’t have the ability to manage your business accurately and serve your guests in the right order in the time to keep up their expectations.

Say goodbye to the burden of the traditional menu, engage your customers with appealing menu application, and let them enjoy their dining experience.

So don’t miss the chance to grow your revenue stream and learn how to make a profit from a digital menu.

Create a personalized experience:

Impress your customers with your striking and eye-catching menu application. Menus that are visually attractive help customers experience your offer with full glory and better decide where to eat and what to order. whet your guests’ appetite with interesting photos, videos, and provide them with information about the food in your offer.

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Brand consistency

Your menu is a reflection of the style and concept of your restaurant, With MenuMe application, to make your customers immediately recognize your restaurant and what dining experience you offer for them.

Flexible and easy to update

With the digital menu, you can have unlimited flexibility experience each time you plan to add, modify, describe, or even remove a dish, so you can detail your culinary specialties to the customer.

traditional paper menu

Remote use

No matter your location, as a manager, you can now control the entire menu table, you just need an Internet connection and that’s it! You access the digital dashboard, and you monitor all of the content in your office, car, or even on your sofa.

Save Money on Printing

Unlike a traditional menu, costs can be reduced by diminishing the need to design, print, ship, and reprint menus whenever promotional items are added to the menus.

menu cost comparaison

Offers and Deals promotion

The digital tablet menu helps you increase your sales by allowing you to promote various food and beverage items to your restaurant guests from your own pace. Notify your guests about events held at your restaurant and special offers with few clicks.

Online Presence, Reviews, and Ratings

Recording your client’s positive feedback and satisfaction,   Often, customers prefer to view a particular restaurant’s rating or reviews to decide whether they want to visit there or not.

Real-time Data Analytics

Empower your business with data, you can have insights on order performance, payouts, and customer analytics.

real time statistics

Build a stronger relationship with customers

Help your guests feel welcome and inform them about the offer in their language. Indeed it is easier to produce menus in multiple languages when they are digital. Make modern royalty programs and retain your clients through the app

Streamline Ordering

Avoid long lines, crowds, and the frustration of guests, ordering is now much quicker and the possibility for misunderstandings and mistakes is significantly lower.

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